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Ways Of Seducing Women

If you’ve spent any time trying to become a pickup artist, you’ve definitely heard about Mystery a.k.a. Eric von Markovik. He’s the guy that became famous because of his mad pick up skills on the TV show The Pickup Artist on VH1 back in the day.

Mystery also wrote a book called The Mystery Method, and guys have been using it for years – successfully I might add – to pick up women that they wouldn’t normally be able to take home.

You may spend a lot of time struggling with issues like how to meet women, ways of seducing women or learning how to talk to women. If you were to read Mystery’s book, you’d definitely be one step ahead of the game. You would have a clear understanding of better ways to pick up women.

Let’s take an in-depth look at what this book is all about…

The Mystery Method Basic Theories

Pickup Artist

What Attracts Women

The basic theories and premise of this method are simple, and they revolve around psychology. Ultimately, you know as well as I do that women are typically attracted to men who can provide for them. They are attracted to the men with a high social value and social standing, even if it’s just part of their appearance and nothing more.

Logically, it makes sense to cultivate these qualities. You do not necessarily have to be a huge social go-getter in order to succeed with this method, but you do have to give the perception that you are socially stable.

The same thing goes for confidence. Women like confident, extroverted men that stand up for themselves. They do not want men that act creepy, weak and needy. All of these traits are very undesirable, and you’ll have a really tough time – it’ll practically be impossible – picking up women if you portray any of these weak emotions.

There’s no question that Mystery has the basics down. There’s no question that Mystery is excellent at what he does. He can pick up any woman he wants, and he’s proven it time and time again.

But here’s the real question that you need to ask yourself…

Is the Mystery Method What It’s Cracked Up To Be?

How To Talk To Women

How To Meet Women

Do you want to learn how to pick up women from a guy that really doesn’t respect them? Do you want to learn how to objectify women and make them feel like garbage as part of your pickup methods?

Treating women poorly and objectifying them are Mystery’s main ways of hooking up.

Here’s an example…

One of his degrading and objectifying techniques revolves around rating women on a scale of six through 10. If a girl falls below a six on the scale, he says don’t bother with her at all. She’s not worth your time because she’s just not attractive enough.

Is that how you think? I certainly hope not, because there’s more to life than just beauty and looks on the outside.

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