Seduce Women

How To Seduce Married Women

Learning how to seduce women can feel like an art sometimes. It’s not always easy figuring out what attracts women, but life is beautiful when you finally learn how to seduce girls.

Or maybe you’re trying to figure out how to seduce married women. That’s a big goal in itself, and if that’s what you’re into then by all means go for it.

Ultimately, there are a few key things that you need to do in order to make seduction happen. There are just three simple steps that will make your sex life a whole lot better and much more active.

Would you like to learn the secrets? I’m happy to share them with you right now.

Seduction Tip #1: Let Her Know That You Don’t Have A Care In The World

Here’s a thought…

Do you think girls are more attracted to uptight, anxious guys? Or would they rather hook up with a guy that seems to have it all together and doesn’t have a care in the world?

There’s a major difference between the two. There’s the first guy who is scared, alone and filled with anxiety. And then there’s the second guy, who’s brimming with confidence.

Yes guys, it’s all about the confidence. Forget about what everybody thinks and enjoy your life. Let women see that you believe in yourself and they’ll come flocking to you.

Seduction Tip #2: It’s All In The Approach

How To Approach Women

How To Approach Women

Now that you understand that confidence is everything when it comes to picking up women, there’s another important lesson to learn. This lesson revolves around the fear of rejection.

To put it bluntly, you have to lose your fear. You’re going to experience plenty of rejection when you’re playing the field. Don’t worry if the girl says no. Even the best pick up artists end up being rejected four out of five times.

Look at it for what it is… A 20% success rate! That sounds awesome to me, and it should sound awesome to you too.

Seduction Tip #3: Turning The Initial Approach Into Sex

Now that you have her attention, how are you going to convince her to come home with you?

The simplest way is to build trust. It’s also important to make her feel comfortable with you. If she trusts you and feels comfortable with you she’s going to want you all the more.

Please use these three seduction tips the next time you’re looking to pick up a woman. They

Make Her Addicted To You