What Attracts Women

The Art Of Seduction

It’s hard to accomplish sometimes, but it’s necessary to learn the art of seduction if you’re ever going to get what you want in the bedroom. Sometimes seducing women seems practically impossible. You have a tough time figuring out what attracts women, and this makes things quite difficult on you.

Maybe you’re even trying to learn how to seduce a married woman. I’m not here to judge you. I’m just here to help you make your dreams and desires happen. I want you to have phenomenal sex every night if possible, and the only way you’re going to do this is if you master the art of seduction.

This doesn’t need to be impossible. You just need to use the five ways that I’m about to share with you today. Once you master these techniques, all hell will break loose and you’re going to start getting laid a lot more than you ever have in your entire life.

Let’s do this…

1. Connect With Her Emotionally Before You Connect With Her Physically.

Women are a lot different than men. You have to keep this in mind the next time you try to hook up. Women want to connect on an emotional level, and that’s where you have to begin this journey if you’re ever going to get her into the bedroom.

Remember, the emotional level is important. And it’s going to make for a better evening for you anyway, because when you connect on an emotional level the sex is so much better.

2. Confidence Is King In The Art Of Seduction.

Seducting Women

What Attracts Women

You know it. I know it. The whole world knows it. But when it comes to seducing women, so many men forget that they have to come with their A game and complete and total confidence. Otherwise they are not going to get anywhere with the woman that they desire to bring home that night.

Do you want to win her over? Show her that you are a real man. Show her that you aren’t afraid to be yourself no matter what the situation presents. She’ll love you for it and melt like butter in the palm of your hands.

3. You Have To Respect Her.

You’re never going to convince her to go home with you if she doesn’t feel you respect her. She’s going to feel like a piece of meat and nothing more. And if you legitimately do not respect her, that’s all she really is.

Learn to respect women and you’ll go much further in the bedroom.

4. You Have To Play The Game.

Seducing Women

Do The Dance. Play The Game


She’s never gonna go home with you within five minutes of meeting her. Well I guess that may happen every once in a while, but the odds are very slim. Do the dance. Play the game. Seduce her into bed.


5. Build A Foundation Of Attraction.

She has to be physically attracted to you. That’s just as important as being emotionally attracted to you. If you feel there is a physical attraction, build upon it and she’ll go home with you at the end of the night.