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If You Ever Want A Girlfriend Don't
And I Mean Never, Never Do This


Do You Honestly Think A Girl Would Honestly
Want To Be With This Guy

 3 Huge Mistakes To Avoid When Finding A Girlfriend


Finding A GirlfriendIf you’re on the prowl and looking for a good woman, it’s important that you avoid certain mistakes like the guy was making in the video above that can easily cost you from connecting with the woman of your dreams.

Think about this for a moment…

What happens when you find a girlfriend that’s perfect for you, but you do something stupid or you say something foolish and she wants nothing to do with you? You’ll be kicking yourself for making a mistake.

So Here’s What You Should Avoid When Trying To Get A Girlfriend.

First, in order to get a girl to like you, you really shouldn’t tell her how much you love your cat!

Now don’t get me wrong… It’s fine to have a cat or a favorite pet. Just don’t go broadcasting it the second that you meet her. She’ll think you’re weird and you will scare her away.

Second, avoid talking about any weird fetishes the moment you meet a new girl. Do not tell her how much you like vampires and that you think they are sexy. This might freak her out and have her running for the hills.

Since that’s the last thing you want, it’s best to stick with safe topics. You know, the kind of topics that help you get to know a person without revealing too much. Get A Girl To Like You

You’ll get the hang of it with practice.

Third, never ask a girl if she can cook on the first date. You might offend her and scare her away. Now, I understand why you might want a girl that can cook. But that’s something to find out about later on down the road if the relationship goes somewhere.

Please follow this guidance the next time you attempt to get a girl to like you. It’s so much easier to pickup girls when you avoid topics that make you look dumb, weird or crazy!