Meeting WomenIt feels like you’re always chasing women. But the problem is you seem to look for them in all the wrong places. That happens because you go to the same places over and over and never think about your ideal girl.

You need to ask yourself where she hangs out. You need to really think about all of her best attributes, hobbies and interests and figure out where she would go based on a this information.

As an example, let’s say you really like women that enjoy going to the movies. I know this may seem like very simple logic, but doesn’t it make sense to look for her at the movie theater?

If she’s into movies then the best places to pick up in this case are going to be the movie theaters in your hometown or immediate vicinity.

Now on the other hand, if you’re looking for a one night stand, think about where you’d go to find a woman looking to have a good time tonight. Your best bet is going to be a bar or club. You’re not going to find her at the local church.

And speaking of churches…

Are you looking for a religious woman? Are you looking for a relationship with a woman that shares your same religious beliefs? Meet her at the local church, synagogue or mosque, or wherever you worship. That’s the place to find her, so that’s where you need to start looking when trying to find the perfect woman.

This isn’t rocket science guys. It really comes down to common sense.

Looking For A RelationshipOne final example…

Do you love visiting all of the best restaurants? Maybe you’d like to meet a girl that’s into the same thing. How about a food critic? She visits restaurants every week and writes about the experience.

Remember, you need to think about your perfect woman and then figure out where she hangs out in order to find her. That’s all there is to it.




Images by: Free Digital Photos