Beautiful WomenWouldn’t it be so much easier to learn how to pick up women if somebody just gave you step-by-step instructions? I know this may seem really simplistic and you probably think it doesn’t work, but you’d be wrong. These three steps are the seduction secrets you’ve always dreamed of and they will definitely help you hook up with beautiful women.

Let’s dive right in…

The first step is to make your approach. You have to put away all of your doubts and fears and just go up to the ladies if you ever plan on mastering seducing women.

When you approach, try not to stare at her. This will make her nervous and uncomfortable and scare her away. Just be yourself and everything will be fine.

Get Her To Chase You

The second step is a bit counter intuitive but it works. Raise your status and make her think that she’s chasing you, not the other way around. This may seem strange since you approached her, but if you elevate your status she’ll want you more because of it.

You can do this by teasing her playfully. But make sure you do not go overboard and make it seem like you’re insulting her. That’s just not going to work and it’s counterproductive.

Make A Real Connection

Seducing WomenThe third and final step is to make a connection. During your conversation, if you can somehow make an emotional connection than that definitely works. Making a physical connection is also fantastic.

No matter what, try to make a connection in either of these ways and she’ll be putty in your hand in no time at all.

Picking up women is easier than you think. Make sure to thoroughly and diligently use these three easy steps. Before you know it, you won’t be going home alone at the end of the night ever again.





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