Dating can be darn tough! It’s not easy trying to figure out how to be super attractive to women, and it’s even harder figuring out how to pick up women. But the good news – it’s not impossible. If you’ve been having a difficult time up until this point, you’ve probably been doing things wrong. But it’s not your fault. You’ve probably been making mistakes that can easily be avoided with just a little knowledge.

So, I’d like to share the five golden rules that will attract any woman you want. After learning these rules, you’ll know exactly what to do. You will be unstoppable. You’ll have no reason to lack confidence or fear rejection ever again.

You’ll never worry about feeling like an idiot in front of your friends because you struck out. Striking out is a thing of the past once you begin using these golden rules when picking up.

Let’s dive in, so to speak…

Golden Rule 1

Being Mentally Prepared To Pick Up Is the Key to Success

Let’s face it. You may find it difficult figuring out how to talk to women, and you’re not alone. Many guys struggle massively with this. That’s why you have to be “on” mentally at all times. Your mental game needs to be on red alert in every situation.

Because here’s the deal guys…

Dating Hot WomenThere are women everywhere. Yes I said, everywhere. You could be standing in line at the grocery store waiting to pay for your food when the most beautiful woman in the world happens to step up right behind you to pay for her things.

What do you do in this situation? Do you let this incredible opportunity pass you by, or do you take advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity?

Well, if you are mentally prepared to pick up at a moment’s notice and you know the simple trick to knowing what women want then you’ll know exactly what to do in order to get the ball rolling. You’ll be able to easily strike up a conversation with her because you prepared and you know how to approach women, so they think YOU ARE HOT.

It’s really easy learning how to attract girls. There’s no question about it. And when it comes to figuring out where to meet women, understand that they are everywhere just waiting for you to sweep them off their feet.

If they are waiting in line next to you strike up a simple conversation. Talk about whatever’s happening in the store at the time. Tell a joke. Make her laugh. Make fun of the checkout girl – perhaps not.

I always use these 3 questions to find out her personality type and bang, she is giving me her phone number or agreeing to go out with me

Golden Rule 2

Stay Away From Cheesy Pickup Lines

Just don't go there unless you want to see a woman run away from you at top speed as fast as she can? Sadly, it’s pretty easy to make this happen. Just try to pick her up using cheesy pickup lines and she’ll sprint faster than Flo-Jo running the 100 m dash!

Why not try spontaneity? Why not let the situation dictate your pickup approach?

Here’s an example of what not to do…

How To Talk To Women On A DateIf you’re out at a bar, and a girl you’re interested in is sitting down talking with her friends, comment about it. Mention something positive. Talk about how you noticed her from across the room and that you can see she’s having a good time hanging out with her friends.

Trust me, if she’s hot she gets this all the time…

Boring, Boring, Boring…

You need to be different. You need to be cool.

Instead, go up to her and ask her opinion.  “Sorry to bother you but a friend of mine is having a bad time with her boyfriend cheating on her.  She wanted me to give her advice and I didn’t really know what to say.  I would really like to tell her to dump him. But I’m a guy and we think a little differently. I really wanted to help her so wanted a female perspective.

This way you are not picking up, you are just asking for help. Great way to start a conversation and break the ice!

Golden Rule 3

This Trick Means You Will Never Fear Rejection Ever Again

The third thing we need to discuss is that awful, gut wrenching fear of rejection. Guys, there is really no need to fear rejection. There’s no other way to put it than being completely blunt.

Approaching WomenIf you fear rejection, it will rear its ugly head, time and time again, and ruin your approach. The girl will know that you are nervous and it will turn her off, big time. Remember, whether you are out finding love or just looking for a date, having the fear of rejection creep into your thoughts is not how to approach women.

Let’s put it in baseball terms so you can better understand this analogy…

Do you think the greatest baseball players in the world are afraid of failure? Do you think they fear rejection from the other players on their team? The best baseball players only succeed three out of 10 times. That’s a .300 batting average and it’s a guaranteed trip to the Hall of Fame.

So the next time you’re out on the town trying to figure out what women want, remember that you don’t have to be successful every single time. Try to bat .300. Sure, you’ll be rejected seven times but you’ll also go home with three new phone numbers. Or maybe you’ll go home with one of the ladies that very night!  Oh hell yeah!

But I have some amazing insights into the female mind that can move that batting average up to 9 out of 10, maybe even 10 out of 10. An even bigger hell yeah!

Golden Rule 4

Pay Attention To Her Body Language

When trying to figure out how to get women to date you or even just sleep with you, watching their body language is one of the keys to your success.

Women On DatingWhen I have asked them the 3 questions that will reveal their personality type, their body language goes a long way to confirming my decision. I know exactly what I need to say and how to say it to get them to go out with me.

Just watch their body language closely and you will see they become more open, often move a little closer to you as you use your secret knowledge of personality types to win them over.

Golden Rule 5

Always Close The Deal – So To Speak!

If you’re trying to pick up women, you have to be like Mariano Rivera. You have to become a closer if you’re ever going to succeed and get the girl.

If it seems like things are going well, make it a point to take things to the next level. When you understand her personality type it is super easy to close the deal.

Speaking To WomenIn fact, she may even be asking you to come home with her. Can you imagine a hot sexy woman, suggesting you go somewhere a little quieter so you can get to know each other better? No not a dream, it can be a reality for you too.

No matter what situation you are in, always remember to follow the five golden rules to attract women. They truly work wonders and your pickup success rate will go through the roof!

But to really win in the “pick-up” game and super charge those 5 golden rules you need to understand how women think. My life changed when I learnt the secrets that Vin Di Carlo taught me in his amazing coaching program – Pandora’s Box.

I can start chatting to the sexiest women anywhere, the grocery line, a bar, a party and once I have the answers to the 3 questions I know I will have her phone number, a date or even be taking her home that night.